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What is is an online quote generating platform that eliminates the need for a person to phone around or google multiple pages to find a reliable supplier or product taking the frustration out of finding the best solution for your needs. For the business owner this online site provides a free platform that allows access too geographic and product specific quote requests, allowing suppliers to compete, neutralizing the google indexing algorithm, that deprioritize many company’s information in a highly competitive market.

How much does it cost? is free to use. Simply register an account and start requesting quotes.

Why should I use

• We take the hassle out of requesting quotes • Get multiple quotes from a variety of suppliers • Gone are the days where you have to phone multiple suppliers to receive quotes. Simply request a quote once and sit back while the system does the hard work for you • Message, review and negotiate with your potential suppliers from within the platform • Manage all your projects from an easy to use dashboard • Find multiple suppliers from a variety of industries • Rate suppliers you have worked with

Will my contact details be shared with suppliers?

No, we do not share any contact details with suppliers.

How long will I need to wait before I start receiving quotes?

We ask of all our suppliers to respond as soon as possible. But if for some reason you haven't received anything in 2 days please feel free to contact us on and we will look into it immediately.

How many quotes will I receive?

The number of quote you receive will be largely dependent on your search criteria and what you are looking for. Suppliers will receive leads based on your request, they will only quote on projects if they are interested and available.

Who do I pay?

Payments are made directly to the supplier. simply connects you with the supplier.

Am I able to rate suppliers after a project?

Yes. After completion of every project you will have the chance to rate your experience with that supplier and provide a short comment and pictures. This ensures that suppliers have an honest representation of their services and to help others make decisions on who to do business with.

What type of suppliers are registered on

All product and service providers are welcome to register on the site. Anybody from Freelancers to large corporations are able to register an account and have an equal opportunity to quote on jobs.

How much does it cost?

There are no monthly subscription charges. We take a small percentage on successful transactions only.

Why should I register?

• Get ALL the leads from your industry, not just from people who find you online • Not obliged to respond to leads (the client will never know who gets the lead) • Suppliers get rated after every project, therefore future work will get rewarded based on your past performance and not your marketing spend • Clients are also rated, decide who you want to do business with • Easily manage multiple projects on one easy to use platform

I already have a website and advertise on other directories, why should I register on brings leads directly to you. We take over your marketing campaigns, making sure you can focus on running your business. We are your internal marketing department. With, you are not advertising with the hope that someone will find your listing, instead, we neutralize the google indexing algorithm, that deprioritize many companies information in this highly competitive market, we will send you ALL the leads from your industry, so you will never miss out on an opportunity again.

Do you guarantee work?

Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that you will convert the leads. We do however give you a great platform to sell yourself and your service to a captive audience.

Am I able to contact the client before submitting a bid?

Yes, you are able to communicate with the through the platform’s easy to use messaging system.

Will I know if my bid is unsuccessful?

Yes, we will notify you if your bid is declined, the client also has the option to comment on why they declined your bid, giving you invaluable customer feedback.

Why are leads on my dashboard no longer visible?

If a client accepted someone else’s quote, that request will no longer be visible ensuring you do not bid unnecessarily.

How do I get paid?

All monetary transactions happen between yourself and the client. simply acts as a facilitator.